Mini makeover: washi stairs

I've been racking my brains for more ways to use washi tapes for my mini's.
I liked the lampshades from the 52 week challenge but I needed MORE! (Washi fetish may be getting out of hand...)

Then thanks to the wonders of Pinterest I spotted a full sized staircase makeover and the mini light bulb in my brain went on! 

What you need:
10 minutes
Washi tape

It was very straight forward, you're literally just sticking tape onto the steps!

Keep edges neat by using scissors rather than just tearing. I found the tape wasn't amazingly sticky but did the job. If you want a more permanent feature you could seal with varnish as you would with decoupage? 

Anyway, that's my Mid week make over. 
Washi fix in the bag! Woop woop!