Mini Media: Life size Barbie dream house!!!

Incase the spectacle of the giant doll's house in Grand Central NYC, wasn't enough have a squizz at THIS!

The Barbie dream house experience. That's right girls and boys, we're going to Barbie's house!! Yeeeeeaaah!
Yes, those are giant pink poodles greeting you at the door. 

Un-suprisingly I was heavily into Barbie when I was little so my excitement at the prospect of actually being able to pop over to her life size doll house is BIG! (My 6 year old self would have exploded!)
There is also one opening a little closer to home in Berlin, Germany, though it has apparently been met with protests from some feminists. Sigh.
Can a girl not be forward thinking, supportive of equality and STILL like pink and play with fashion doll's?! I say yes, so let's tale a moment to revel in the pure un-adulterated PINK-NESS of it all.

You can tour life sized kitchens, dressing rooms, view a 350 strong collection of collector's dolls and even ride the dream house elevator and delve into Barbie's closet !!Squuuueeeeeeeee!

Explore the interactive kitchen.