I've been a bad blogger of late but there is a good excuse, I've gone back to a day job!
Aside from getting me out the house it also means I'll be able to develop Four Little Walls in the way I'd hoped.
I've got lots of plans and projects up my sleeve and hopefully will now be able to see some of those come to be by the end of the year! Hooray!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed  I've been tinkering about with the look and feel of the blog and website?!

Felt it was time to strip it all back a bit, hope you like the mini makeover!
In other, tres exciting news Fourlittlewalls .com celebrates its first birthday this month. I've lots planned to mark the occasion including giveaways, and cheeky discounts so make sure you pop back over the next fortnight to join in the fun!