London bound!

Long time no blog post!

So, if you are following Four Little Walls on Facebook you might already be aware that I'm moving!!

In just 1 week I'll be packing up Four Little Walls (and all other, non-dollshouse related essentials) and toddling off to London!! 

Very exciting on many levels, not least because I can spend my evenings doing all kinds of bloggy, mini, sociable things rather than be on a train!! Hooray!!

For the interim, will be off the radar a little while longer (allowing for moving, un-packing and getting the all important internet connection!!) but looking forward to returning to and catching up with blog land very soon!!

In run up to the move I'm having a little sale, 35% off selected minis (including Halloween items!!) so pop on over and treat yourself!!
The shop will be closing next Friday for one week while I get sorted! x