Farrow & Ball : Wallpaper Launch 2014

I'm a sucker for a good bit of wallpaper. 
While the only walls I currently have to cover are of the miniature variety it didn't stop me from eyeballing the latest offerings from Farrow & Ball's Spring Collection. 
I hopped on the tube to Battersea where the F & B showroom had been decked out for the launch party with giant, brown paper packages, all tied up in a perfect, pink, paint bow !

After we'd indulged in a cheeky glass of champagne and a canapé or two, showroom manager, Kaz took to the floor to unveil the latest offerings, Ta Da!!

Stunning as ever, great colours, bold patterns and gorgeous, thick textures, ( did you know the papers are made using Farrow & Ball paints, not inks? No? Well now you do.)
The one being unveiled above is Parquet, a fun take on the flooring. Love.

Ocelot - Farrow & Ball 2014

Tessella - Farrow & Ball 2014

After oggling over the paper sample book a while longer I turned my attention to paint, ooh the paint!
Stocking up on a few colors for new, Four Little Walls pieces took a little while, paralysed by indecision as usual, I eventually went with some gorgeous blues and purples, watch this space!

Lashings of yellow!

Now, a night of paint, paper, food and fizz, what could possibly round the evening off? 
Why yes, a goodie bag. *head explodes with joy* Who needs a pub eh?!