Shopping: City of London Dolls House Festival

After managing to miss this event every time since it started I finally managed to get my bum over to the City of London Dolls House Festival.

The Tower Hotel venue overlooks London's Tower Bridge, which made for a pretty impressive view while we waited for the doors to open.

Now I  never make lists before I go mini shopping, opting instead for a little of what I fancy on the day, this trip took a decorative theme, opting for sweet ornaments from Jane Harrop, these will be gracing the mantel piece of the big house ASAP.

I stopped by Wood Supplies stall, this is usually where I can get carried away as I can never have enough picture frames and mirrors, felt I was relatively restrained, taking just two of these pastel coloured beauties and a wooden panelling kit for the bathroom (not pictured as it's just strips of wood right now!).

Still at Wood Supplies stand, I was putting my purse away and getting ready to head off to China Town when my beady eyes fell on the info sign detailing the various sources of wood used for some of the miniatures, The Cutty Sark, appealing, Brighton West Pier...STOP!

As some of you are already aware, Brighton remains my spiritual home after spending 7 years there for Uni and a few years of post-student adventures, I love it. I miss it. I LOVE it.

Well, after a quick chat the purse was out again, this time for a framed picture of Palace Pier, made from wood of the West Pier, fished out the sea the morning after it met its sad demise. 
Needless to say I left a very happy lady.

Definitely a new fave date for the diary! 

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