Hitting Refresh

Well it's done for another year.

I'm both sad and delighted.
Having basically spent the last 4 days eating, sleeping, or on the gin (or a combination of these simultaneously) it feels a bit like waking up from hibernation today!

For the first time in a long time I've got the space and willing to get back on the (miniature) horse.

The move to London has been an experience!
The first London home was only ever intended to be a launch pad, though we were lucky enough to stay almost a year to the day.
During that year I've interned, temped, had the worst job interview of my entire life ever,
*I was locked in a stock cupboard, handed a chewed biro pen and notepad and asked to draft a marketing campaign for both print and digital media, write a step by step instructional for putting together a catalogue, create copy from scratch for x3 of their products and proof read a website (that it transpired had no errors on it.) inside an hour.
All the while being interrupted by conversations about Game of Thrones and intermittently pumped for information on a former employer.*

Lessons were definitely learnt !

Thankfully, eventually, all paths lead to a brilliant interview, two in fact, that resulted in my current day job.
I'm doing things I never thought myself capable of doing, working with brilliant people, which does out weigh the not so great stuff that living in London brings. (specifically, The Central Line.)
Currently still wrestling for a balance between city, social and a mini life but we're getting there and it's looking pretty exciting for 2015.

The tail end of this year has seen an overhaul of the website and, finally, settling in to our not forever, but for now, home.

We have the Internet.
We have a washing machine.
Life is good.

So, I'm just gonna spend the last few days of the year marinating in coffee, scribbling down any ideas that happen to percolate.

I'm not promising another 52 week challenge, but watch this space, I think there's something brewing!
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