Tutorial: Paper pom-pom

Who doesn't love a paper pom pom?!

The sun's out so i though I'd dust off some old, summery tutorials for a bit of inspo. 

I first cracked out this tutorial as part of the

52 week challenge

in 2012.

The pom-poms were one part of the

Jubilee Garden Party

project but my pom love endures, so let's take another look!

Part of what I enjoy about this one is that the process of making them in miniature is exactly the same as the real thing. 

The key for the mini versions is to find the thinnest paper possible. I used tissue paper, but if there's anything even thinner, maybe origami papers (or even cigarette papers?!) try them! Your pom-poms will turn out much 'fluffier' looking. 

What I used:

Tissue paper in co-ordinating colours

Cotton or thin ribbon

What I did:

  • Cut 4-6 squares of tissue to equal size and layer them on top of each other.

  • Begin folding the the layers into a concertina, the same as if you were making a paper fan.

  • When you've folded the entire square, tie the cotton/ ribbon and secure firmly around the middle of the paper but not so tight that it cuts through the paper!

Fan out the folded sheets and now carefully begin separating the layers of tissue from each other.

When you've finished separating all the layers they should have created a lovely, full globe of tissue-papery goodness!

Repeat until you've all the pom-pom you desire.

Ta da!