Christmas Tree 101

Time to put up the tree!

I have to admit my festive love has been directed at the pink, bottle brush variety this year so here's a shot at something a little more traditional with the larger, fluffier looking tree.

What I used:

What I did:

So the beauty of this is that it's exactly like decorating a full sized tree, except better because it's done in 10 minutes and no risk of injury from scaling step ladders to reach those pesky, bare branches at the very top.

My only golden rule is add garlands, tinsel or lights first, decorations and baubles second.

For baubles you can use beads, I used two packs of the frosted baubles. The beauty being 

A) they're super pretty 

B) they actually hang on the tree branches thanks to tiny, wire loops.

Primp and plump until you're happy with your teeny spruce!

Merry Christmas!


Ok, one last glimpse of the pink, beauts.