Mini-Make: Dip Dyed Christmas Trees

I have been dyeing (pun intended, sorry!) to get my hands on these little bottle brush trees since the delivery arrived a few weeks ago

I love how simple they are in plain white, but I the thing is I also love these gorgeous, juicy pink shades and I try to avoid picking favourites so clearly we needed to have both!

These are literally the easiest project ever.

The important part is making sure you've safely covered yourself, your furniture and any unpredictable house pets to prevent staining from the dye.

Gloves, pinny's and some newspaper sheets are strongly recommended!

What I used:

What I did:

The only tricky part is deciding what colours and effects you want to go for.

Whilst your having a think, measure a pint of hot tap water into your glass jug.

Add 1 tbsp of your chosen coloured dye and stir.

For the most part I wanted the little trees all one colour and so , very un-ceremoniously, just dunked them into dye mixture. 

I left mine in for less than 5 minutes each. 

For pale colours you could try leaving them in slightly longer to see if the shade becomes a little more intense but I quite like how subtle it turned out here in Powder Pink.

The Flamingo Pink was very bright, very quickly. 

I literally just held the tree in the the dye for a minute or less and the colour had taken right away. 


For an Ombre effect I dipped the top half of the tree in the lighter colour first before submerging the bottom third of the tree in the darker, brighter dye. 


If you're worried about the base changing colour cover in some cling film. 

Leave to dry and wipe any excess dye from the tree base.

Display and admire in your dolls house, on the mantle piece, in a snow globe, or where ever else you fancy!