Wishlist: Birthday Treats

We're having a few birthdays here at FLW HQ this week. 

As I mentioned yesterday Four Little Walls  has just turned 4. *Woop woop!*
Continuing the festivities I'm turning 29 on Friday. *Less wooping, more curling up in a ball whilst I ponder what the hell it is I"m doing in life.*

The final year of my twenties seems like a good one to check a few bits and pieces off my long term To Do list.
So, my birthday present to myself is a driving lesson. 
Just one to see how it pans out. It's been 10 years since I last sat in the driving seat and the instructor asked me if I had dyspraxia. (I don't, I'm just really terrible at distances.)

I'll be sure to alert the general public when said lesson is taking place. No need to break into a cold sweat just yet though, the top speed last time was a knicker gripping 8mph. 

Saving the best for last, my sweet Nan would have been turning 100 years old.
We've plans to mark her centenary with a tonne of sugary, floral goodness.

Our Floss was a girls girl.  
She loved the seaside, ballerinas,  spoiling her granddaughters and painted beautifully, mostly flowers and girls in pretty dresses.
Don't let all the pink fluffy-ness fool you though.
Surviving Tuberculosis and World War 2,  she lost her house in the blitz and her little brother in Italy.
Through the war she worked on a telephone switchboard in London, initially the girls would shelter under their desks when the air raid siren sounded but after a while they just carried on regardless.
(The very definition of Keeping Calm & Carrying On, before the motto got slapped on every wall, coaster, fridge magnet and cushion in sight!)

She was also fabulously naughty, loved a gin and would always ensure a steady supply of cakes and biscuits when we went to visit, force feeding you two or three in a row then , just minutes later, warn you that you're getting fat.
At seven years old we laughed, at seventeen we did not!

So today's wish list is inspired by my lovely pink lady, a little round up of the sweet treats I'd lavish her with if she were here and doll's house sized, enjoy!


Round Planter with Mixed Flower Bouquet by Miniature Patisserie
I can not even imagine how much patience it must take to create this. Look at those tiny petals!

Pink Ispahan Eclair by Paris Miniatures

Hands up who's salivating? Yep. 

Shades of Pink Parisian Macaroons by Paris Miniatures
Tiny, pink, gorgeous.
To be honest I could have linked to Paris Miniatures entire store so you should probably just make them your next stop after this!

Strawberry Milkshake by Minicler
Insanely cute mini's from the Czech republic.

(High five if you too now have Kellis stuck in your head? Na na na na na naa)