The Printed Peanut: Paper Doll's House

Something a little different today!

I've got a lot of love for creative business's and was really excited to find this crowd funding campaign raising money for The Printed Peanut's Paper Doll's House.

Illustrator Louise Lockhart creates, bright, playful products, from Homewares and games to toys and accessories, keeping production and manufacture of her wonderful wares in the UK.

Due to the success and growth of her business (high five Louise!) some changes are needed in the production process of the popular and B.E.A - utiful, paper doll's house.
Illustrated in a midcentury style this little house can be enjoyed as a toy, a keepsake or a displayed as a print, here's a little more info;

"Until now Louise has had them digitally printed and assembles them by hand, after cutting and folding each one. The Printed Peanut's products are all made by small manufacturers in Britain, and Louise wants to use a wonderful printing co-operative in East London that uses old fashioned spot-lithography to print small runs of books and other products. The glowing colours of the hand-mixed inks give a look that can't be replicated by digital printing."  - The Printed Peanut

We can help support not one but two creative businesses AND receive a beautiful, British made product in the process? Everybody wins!

Sound like something you'd like to be a part of?

Inside the original Paper Doll's House

Outside detail of the original Paper Dolls House.You love it don't you..don't you!

Hop on over to the crowd funding page and pledge your support and make sure you check out the other goodies too!

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