Work In Progress: Carrie's Apartment

Here's a little look at a project that's been bobbing around under the 'To Do's ' for a while now.

You're familiar with Sex & The City ?!

I had the box sets playing on repeat the entire time I was at Uni, (and remain ever so slightly disappointed that the reality of my 20's is yet to level up with the expectations Carrie Bradshaw and her mates planted back in 2005 !)

When the film was released, (The first one, I can't discuss the second movie. *shakes head*) my little brain basically exploded, the Westwood dress, the Mexican poop, THE APARTMENT.

Carrie's apartment makeover was the highlight for me. That blue. That Love print. I die.

And on top of everything else, the girl eats cake. 

Oh hey Love print.


One day (because it's always 'One Day' !) I'd like to build the full brownstone apartment but for now, here's the mock up of Carrie's bedroom with a liberal scattering of Vogue magazines, obviously.

Next, the closet, but for now a Cosmopolitan please.