Mini Makers Australia : Mint Rhapsody

Attic House, Summer 14 - Neon Green

Today in our 3rd instalment of Mini Makers: Australia, we're saying hello to the super-stylish, dream team that is Mint Rhapsody.

Husband and wife team, Sam & Laura, are the creative duo behind the bold, bright designs.

An exciting, contemporary twist, these doll's houses blur the lines between play thing and home decor, designed for, and appreciated by the adults just as much as the littles.

Oh, and they have a big love for gorgeous, colourful acrylic, (who doesn't?!).

Clearly it was the doll's houses that initially lured me in here but the Mint Rhapsody range also boasts highly covetable home decor products such as the Shelfie and gorgeous,  design-led, shadow boxes.

My personal fave, the fabulous Invisible PlayPen, a design solution born after searching for a aesthetically pleasing form of containment for their own little.

Invisible PlayPen Image property of Mint Rhapsody

Not satisfied with the "primary coloured jails" on offer, the Invisible PlayPen blends in perfectly to its surroundings whilst giving you maximum visibility of the tiny human safely contained within. Hooray!

But back to the doll's houses real quick, some insight on the design process from Sam & Laura ;

Noticing a need for a version of "doll house" that is very gender neutral We wanted to also design a piece of art for the nursery. It had to be very bright and we love neons, not to mention see through acrylic neon! We took inspiration from Danish architecture. We wanted a simplistic design with clean lines. Thats how the attic house grew!

I hope that's got a lot of you excited, now excuse me while I go raid my piggy bank!

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