Second Life Toys : Japan

Prepare yourselves because this one will hit you right in the feels!

Organ donation is a hugely emotive, and often divisive subject.
There is a global shortage of organ donors with only 2%* of patients on waiting lists finding a match each year. (*Stats from SLT's video) 

Japan particularly struggles with this shortage and so has launched a new initiative in a bid to raise awareness and engagement around organ donation and transplant waiting lists through the wonderfully imaginative Second Life Toys campaign and short film. 

People are encouraged to send a toy that is injured and no longer played with.
The toy will then be given a new lease of life via a transplant from another donated toy before being returned, renewed, to its owner. 
Recipients are then encouraged to write a letter of thanks on behalf of their toy.
Simultaneously promoting engagement, understanding and gratitude and perhaps most importantly, starting the conversation about organ donation in peoples homes in a way that is appropriate and approachable. 

You can learn more about Second Life Toys here
(images via stills from the movie)

If you're interested in learning more about Organ Donation here in the UK visit here