Shopping: Architectural Storage

It's a shopping post with a difference today as , you can probably all ready tell, these items are not for your doll's house , but I'm sure you'll appreciate why they caught my eye!

I'm having strong feelings over this display range by Design Ideas.

Attractive storage with an architectural twist. Heart eyes x 1billion.

Let's start with the Iron Bridge Shelf.

Simple. Iconic.

Mount on the wall to display your treasures and pot plants, or simply leave bare to adore in all its glory.

(I'd go for a few little cacti and a couple of brightly coloured vintage toy cars!)

No wall space? No problem. This little beaut also works on a table top thanks to its teeny padded feet.

Fire Escape Shelving Unit

I always think of an episode of Friends whenever I see one of these, but maybe that's just me?

(You know the one where they get stuck and have to climb down each other? No?..)

At the risk of taking my doll's house weirdo-ness too far, also thought about attaching one of these to the side of a NYC style house, bit of graffiti on the walls, some bins scattered around...

Last but by no means least, if you're getting the shelves it'd be rude not to go the whole hog and treat your abode to a pair of Stairway book ends too.

Just look at them!

To be displayed only with the most aesthetically pleasing of books of course.

Few things please me as much as playful design and this little trio have my whole heart!

All three available at