Kirstie's Handmade Christmas: Noele House

Her name is Noele, she rings my bell, etc.etc. (Apologies if you too now have that stuck in your head for hours and hours!)

So, you may have by now spotted this not so little house on Channel 4.

Ordinarily, Dad and I would have worled on this for a few months around work, life, sleep etc.

However we love a challenge so when we found out we had the chance to be on the show and that, around Dad's schedule (which involved driving about the UK a little bit!) we'd have a good 3-4 weeks to turn this around before the deadline.

As you can see we pulled it off but OMG, we worked our socks off for this one!

For a sense of the chaos and paint-stained, sleep deprivation that took over Mum and Dad's house for a few weeks, I started and finished the entire first season of Game of Thrones between dinner and bedtime one Saturday whilst painting doors and stair spindles. (Bedtime was a little later than usual that night!!)

Any way, with out further ado, let's take a tour around the place. 

'Noele', as mentioned in my previous post, the house is named after my Aunty, who was maybe the most excited person in England on Wednesday night, and then the most emotional when she spotted the little name plaque. 

We went for a traditional, Georgian exterior, built from gorgeous Birch plywood, big windows, a stylish, black front door and topped off with a snowy rooftop.

The doorstep was a late addition, courtesy of Dad, a solid, and rather beautiful Oak step, perfect to pop the tiny milk bottles out on. 

Moving on to the interiors, I wanted big rooms, then we ended up opting for a massive hallway too because, well, drama!

I'd always wanted to build a house with a central staircase and Dad worked tirelessly to create one that worked. 

The rooms are finished with real wood floors, skirting and cornice, whilst the hallway is a mix of glossy tile effect on the ground floor and a more sumptuous looking cream carpet upstairs. 

The doors were fitted with real brass door-knobs and the ceilings boast tiny, plaster ceiling roses. 

I used a range of

Farrow & Ball

colours to create the interiors (and exterior) though perhaps my favourite room is the bathroom with it's painstakingly created Stamp wall.

Dad actually created this using stamps from our Granddad's collection, I almost decided against it but am so pleased we kept it!

Side stepping any potential wiring dramas, we used LED lights throughout the house. 

(Honestly, unless you are lucky enough to have the time, money and patience to invest in wiring and wired lights I would strongly recommend going for LED's!)

Noele House IS for sale , view over at our Etsy store. 

As a Bespoke built house with over 200 hours put into it, this is considerably more expensive than any of our other houses and is only available to customers in the UK.

(If you are seriously considering the house and live overseas please factor in that shipping will be hundreds of £ due to the house being very large and heavy. If that's something you're prepared for then please do drop me a line! )

If you are interested in the house, or a custom build of your very own, contact me, Kat, at :

and I'd be delighted to discuss further with you.