A little comfort food

*Tap tap, is anybody still here?!*

Well, it's been virtually a year since my last blog post. Whoops!

Won't dwell on it too much as there's lots of doll's house related goodness to talk about but briefly,

for a moment there the day job swallowed me up, then another house move (because seemingly the universe wants me to move house at least once a year forever , and ever.) then there was a commute , 20 hours a week on a train in and out of London. Was a bit knackering and not a lot of brain power for being creative by the weekend!

So, changes have been made, am in the process of a career change and finally, have a bit of time to dust off FLW again. Hooray!

Keeping it short and oh, so sweet, my mind has gravitated towards comfort food now that evenings here in the UK are long and dark, days are a bit chilly and grey and it's all too tempting to reach for something tasty to help you cosy up at the end of a long day.

Currently devouring my body weight in bread. Any bread. ALL the bread.

For some treats that are a little kinder to the waist-line, here's a round up of some of my fave, Autumnal, tiny food, treat your doll's house kitchen to some of these mini morsels!

(Click pictures to link to the makers stores.)

I'm off to make a

green smoothie

french toast.