Kensington Doll's House Festival 2017: Planning your visit

Image credit KDF - Le Coffre D'Emilie

I'm no longer a London dweller and there is so much I miss about the City, especially having so much to do right on the door step!

My last flat was a short and speedy bus ride away from Kensington Town Hall, the venue for the internationally renowned Kensington Doll's House festival.

It may be a longer trip now but it's 100% going to be worth it!!

Having missed the last couple of years due to birthdays/ weddings/ life coinciding so a doll's house fix is well and truly over due, and ladies and gents, if a mini shopping high is what you crave then they don't come much better than the KDF.

Saturday 2nd December

Get it in the diaries (and notify Father Christmas!)

With 170 Artists, a large number of them being international makers, there is SO much to see, it's very much for adult collectors, be prepared to see some VERY high end work, (and prices).

Here are my top tips for a fun day if you're thinking of going!

  • Be an early bird!

  • This is a super popular event and if you're an early riser I would recommend arriving early with pre-booked tickets.

  • The price difference to buy on the door is only a few quid but it's just worth being there early so you can get a good look around before it gets really busy.

  • Make a shopping list (Then tear it up and blow your budget on something spectacular you didn't even know you needed!)

  • I always salivate over the exhibitor list, say I'm going to make a list then never stick to it because there are so many beautiful miniatures on offer that I end up coming away with a couple of special pieces that I fall in love with instead.

  • Check your coat.

  • For some reason I'm always resistant to the idea of coat checks, they seem like effort, but this is one instance where it's a relief to get rid of extra layers and baggage!

  • It's winter, the central heating is on and there will be many, many bodies in there with you. Just check the coat. (And try to avoid being that person with a giant bag blocking people view!)

  • Photo's - ask permission first

  • I'd just started writing the FLW blog when I went along to KDF for the first time and was super excited to share so many great makers and mini's.

  • I took my old, crappy digital camera along, smiled like a kid in a candy store and said hello to stall holders before enthusiastically starting to snap away.

  • Not all makers are happy for you to do this as I found out after being told off by one particularly abrupt vendor!

  • Most are delighted to have their work photographed and shared as long as you ask first, after all, it's the polite thing to do and I usually end up having a good chat with the makers in question.

  • Swapping business cards is a good ice breaker too so people know where to follow up afterwards.

  • Enjoy it!

  • This chance to be immersed in doll's house deliciousness comes but twice a year, I always leave bursting with inspiration for new projects and a wish list a mile long.

  • A post-shop cocktail somewhere lovely in Kensington is strongly encouraged and if you really make a day of it, London will be fully showing off with its Christmas lights and window displays, rounding off the day feeling a bit festive and twinkly.

  • If you're planning to visit this year I'd love to hear from you, doll's houses and cocktails are calling us!

For full event and ticket info, floor plans (plan that route!) and more visit: