The Blenheim : Bathroom Renovation

Well, it only took three attempts and 16 years but, ladies and gentleman, the bathroom in The Blenheim Doll's house is complete!

Yup, this was the house that I scrimped and saved for, for over a year, as a teenager working in the local Doll's house shop. (Yes, it was my dream job and tragically, no, the shop is no longer in business.)

Having spent a years pocket money and wages on this monster, when it came to decorating I decided to go with some Cherry red paint that Dad had kicking around and a burgundy/ ivory floor vinyl that I'd got in the sale at work.

I never really liked it and subsequently never bothered putting a bathroom in.

It became an attic junk room , full of odds and ends that I didn't know what to do with. 

Take 2. 

About 4 years ago I decided to move the bathroom to a downstairs room, ripped out the study and make the attic room into another kids room. 

I'd picked up some sweet, floral paper and was going to make it a bit Cath Kidston.

Unfortunately once I'd stripped out the vinyl and wallpapered, I realised actually I hated it and would prefer it to be a bathroom in the attic after all. *Eye roll*

(Just as well I don't own an actual house, I'd be a nightmare!)

Soo, maybe a year or two now, I ordered some gorgeous papers from

Mostly Miniature

with the intention of using them in this bathroom reno and, here, finally we have it.

It only took 2 house moves and quitting my job to finally have the time!

I appreciate that this may not hit those reading as a particularly poignant moment but as someone currently under-employed, today I achieved! 

Think this will


result in a celebratory gin shortly. 

Palm print wall paper and flooring by Mostly Miniature, Brick paper & Rubber Plant from FLW,

all other items from personal collection