Gingerbread House Day : Etsy Finds

Did you know that today, 12th December, is Gingerbread House Day?!

Why is this not more widely celebrated? Personally I feel an extra bank holiday is in order since the building of a Gingerbread house is not exactly a 5 minute job is it?!

The chances of us whipping together a real life Gingerbread masterpiece today are slim to none, thankfully there are many miniature offerings for us to marvel at in the mean time!

Here are some of my fave miniature finds celebrating all things Gingerbread from some great Etsy sellers. (Links below)

We've got a couple of little cuties over in the


too should anybody need to stock up with some Seasonal essentials!

1. Gingerbread Bakery Sign,

Petite Provisions

,  2. Gingerbread Star House,

Country Treasures

3. Christmas Pin Set,


 4. Iced Gingerbread Prep Board,