Take 5 : Decoration Wish List

I've been having some serious Christmas decoration envy this year since all my best ones are currently packed up in a bag in my Mum's attic. (yup, 30 yr old boomerang child!) and have spent a disproportionate amount of time mooning over some sparkly, high end, offerings.

My plan as a fledgling adult was to treat myself to a fancy bauble every year so when I'm a proper grown-up with my own place again I'd have a glittering collection of Christmas gorgeousness to goggle at every year.

Alas, I have Champagne tastes and a tap water budget so window shopping it is!

(Or risk waiting for the January sales to hit and pop them away for next year!)

Here's a wish list of my Top 5 decs, perfect stocking fillers for the doll's house nut in your life (especially if that person is you! ) #tomefromme

Which one is your fave?


1. Cosy Home Light -Up Ornament 2. Up & Away Ornament 3. Puppy Lodge Ornament all


4. Crowned Swan Snow Globe,


5. Chalet Decoration,

Oliver Bonas