Health Kick : Etsy Finds

Apples by The Natty Collection

Well, I've made a half arsed attempt at a New Years health kick, though I have to say I stand by my belief that January is the WORST month to attempt this, at least in the UK!

It's cold, it's grey. You're financially ruined from Christmas and now you have the added pressure of "New Year , New You!"

My birthday also happens to be in January, making celebratory drinks very tame as usually by that point everyone is cleansing or resolutely sticking to dry January

(Speaking of birthdays, Four Little Walls blog turns 6 this month!! More on that soon. )

So as with most things, if I can't achieve it in full scale I'll go for the doll's house equivalent, so, here's my round up the juiciest, healthiest looking mini's to inspire a cleaner, fruitier January, at least in the 1:12 scale!

And just remember, it's all about balance. Case in point, I made a green smoothie this morning, forced it down then chased it with some left over Toblerone. Life is good!