Now we are 6: FLW Blog Birthday

This little blog has turned six!

Not quite sure where the time's gone to be honest and equal parts astounded/ proud that my tiny corner of the internet has managed to stick it out.

So, throwing it back to January 2012, I was holed up in a freezing cold bedsit in Brighton, having just quit a job I was un-happy in and deciding what the next step should be, (I'm good at that, currently on the job hunt again at the moment so there's an eery, full-circle feeling going on.) when I thought I'd have a go at this blogging thing that people were getting so excited about.

In a bid to keep the momentum going at the start I set myself the

52 week challenge.

A project or DIY every week, all year. Some were fun, others were pure rubbish but it got the ball rolling and while I'm yet to commit myself to another 52 week challenge. (Maybe next year!) I've had a lot of fun experimenting over here, speaking of, you may have noticed the blog is looking pretty fresh?!

I rolled out this accidental make-over last week after the blogger template I'd been using got a bug that I couldn't fix. As it turned out, this is my fave incarnation yet and it's marrying so much better with the shop (the


is 6 in the Summer so perhaps we'll have two birthdays, much like the Queen.) so it's all worked out pretty well.

While I've had to pick up and put down blogging to fit around various demanding day jobs, house moves and a few months where frankly I just couldn't bring myself to look at another doll's house thank you very much, FLW has served me well!

Since that first year I was lucky enough to end up writing and contributing to a number of UK magazines, guest blogged, hit trade shows and of course, our 5 minutes of fame last Xmas when I dragged Dad and a massive bloody doll's house onto the TV. *Scariest thing I've EVER done.*

This is the first time I've actually had a proper reflect on FLW's achievements and thought actually, I will shout about them. It has been a labour of love, usually I play the whole thing down as me being some sort of miniature obsessed maniac (true) but, as it's our birthday, I don't mind saying I'm quite proud of what's been pulled together so far. 

Thank you to those of you reading this, your comments, emails and support continue to be so appreciated and I'm excited about what's in store for 2018.

Expect some more blog based celebrations over the next few weeks!


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