Yoga Mat : DIY

Happy Monday!

It's a 5 day week. It's January, there's still too much Christmas chocolate kicking about and my New Year resolutions are already distant memories so I thought best we get off to a gentle start with this super quick and easy Yoga mat tutorial.

My little sister became a qualified Yoga instructor last year and is constantly reminding us of the benefits of hitting the mat and stretching your woes away.

I'd never admit it to her face, but she is right, and after the initial horror at how out of shape I am has subsided I always feel better for it, though for today I'll stick to the 1:12 version.

Think of it as a warm up session!

What I used:

Craft foam sheets

Felt (cord or ribbon would work too)

Super glue

Sticky labels (to hold in place while drying)

What I did:

1. Cut a strip from your foam sheet

2. Carefully, roll it tight, it will be easy to glue in place if the mat is already rolled to shape.

(Mind long fingernails when doing this, the foam marks easily!)

3. Apply super glue in 2 or 3 lines along the full length of the foam strip and roll, pressing firmly.

4. Use a low tack, sticky label to hold the rolled up foam in place whilst the glue drys.

5. Cut the felt into a 5mm or so wide strip.

You need enough for two straps around the top and bottom of the mat and one roughly the length of the roll to form the handle.

6. Fix in place with super glue and leave to dry.

Your rolled Yoga mat is ready for display. Much like my real one.

For a flat mat just repeat step 1 !!



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