FLW Project: Ice Cream Retro TV Reno

Blank canvas, what was going to be the sunken lounge has taken a slightly different route...

Some of you may remember back in 2016 how I was going to

renovate a retro TV case

into a fabulous, midcentury mini space for an Instagram challenge, #dollhousetherapy ?

Well, not to make excuses or anything but we had 5 close friend and family weddings in just over 3 months so quite frankly there wasn't a lot of anything getting finished unless it was assembling cakes or fluffing a few hundred paper pom-poms. The TV has sat gathering dust ever since and to be honest I lost my enthusiasm for the midcentury theme, until now!

All it took was the endless, grey British Winter to have me craving an injection of colour, some fun, some joy! What could I draw on for this sad, old TV set that would kick off a bit of a creative spark?

Oh, hey

Museum of Ice Cream


Image: Property of Museum of IceCream

If you're on Instagram you'd be hard pushed to have missed this place.

It's a pure, unadulrated celebration of all things sweet, pink, delicious-ness and oh, so cool.

With locations in Miami, San Francisco, LA and NYC the

Museum of Ice Cream

has gained something of a cult following, fans flocking in their droves to get a taste of this immersive, AMAZING wonderland. 

I would definitely be one of them, alas, the Atlantic Ocean and a sad bank balance is something of a barrier, SO guess what's been installed in that empty shell of a TV?!

In the About section the MOIC state their belief that " - sprinkles make the world a better place.", I knew I had found my people, and a super fun, mini project. 

So without further ado, here's my homage to the Museum of Ice Cream, a work in progress but I wanted to show it off a little!

There's still some fine tuning with finishes to be done, thinking tiles area must and may re-think the back board, not loving the half height any more. Honestly I could play around with this for weeks, it's been really fun to work on something other than a standard doll's house. 

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future TV set installs?

Thinking some pink tiles on the back wall are called for. (And a touch more painting and sanding!)

Let's all go swimming in sprinkles!

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