House Tour: Sina's Modern Farmhouse

We're in for a bit of a treat today as we're taking a tour around this stunning 1:12 scale, Farmhouse build by Sina R.

If you're already following Sina's Instagram profile you'll know what a stunning project this is already shaping up to be.

I immediately loved Sina's distinct style and her fun use of colour, I'm so looking forward to following the progress of this unique project, but for now it's over to the lady herself whom was kind enough to share a few words with me for the blog;

Sina, thanks so much for taking the time out to chat to FLW, we're terribly nosey so please do tell us all a bit about yourself and how this fab project began to take shape?!

My name is Sina (pronounced sign-uh). I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I work for a corporate bank as a business analyst. Nothing glamorous, but it pays the bills (and supports side hobbies such as this). I went to school for Art History and Studio Art - so I think that that has fuelled all of my interest in projects like this.

I started this project the day before Christmas Eve. I spent a lot of Christmas Eve at home sitting with my boyfriend and dog, watching Christmas movies and starting the building and outside design process. At this point, I honestly have no clue when the house will be finished. I am a TERRIBLE decision maker, and doing this all on my own and making all of the decisions by myself is tough, but I am doing it! Slowly, but surely, I am doing it! I would guestimate (that’s a word, right?) that it will be “done” by April. I think done for me means more along the lines of walls painted and things in each of the rooms - but I don’t know if it will ever be truly “finished”. There could always be something more to make or to add. I am also struggling with what to do with the house when I am “done”. Sell it? Keep it as is in a nook in my basement? Re-do it? Time will tell I guess!

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We certainly understand that 'never finished' feeling!

You've got a great eye for detail and all of your miniatures in the farmhouse are really coming together beautifully,  how did you decide to go about decorating and filling the house? 

I'm doing a combination of buying ready-made items and making things myself.

Some things are easier or less expensive to buy them ready made, or I don’t have a strong passion for the product, others I want to spend time and money to create them myself. A lot of my making has been trial and error OR me wanting to use power tools and figuring out how I can make something using a tool!

I would say generally, I find an idea of something I want to make, figure out supplies I have and ones I need to buy to make it, and then attempt to make it! I have SO many extras of craft supplies that only came in a 20 pack at the craft store when I only needed 1 or 2 pieces, and I have a lot of things I tried to make and didn’t like the end result. I have looked up some tutorials online, either following them exactly, or amending them to be more “me”. I have also done what my boyfriend calls “looking to the bones” of an item I like online or in the store, and trying to figure out what is underneath and what doesn’t meet the eye. I don’t know how successful that has been, but I like to think it has a purpose. I think the people at my local West Elm think I am a little crazy since I go there are stare at the chair I love from there. I don’t think it is in my budget right now to buy a human sized one - so I am trying to figure out how to make a mini version! That’s the same thing, right!?!

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It's such an exciting project, what's next for the Modern Farmhouse? 

I am not currently collaborating with anyone (if anyone out there wants to though, I would be willing!). I have done a lot of research on products for my own home with no success in actually adding them in to it. SO…. I have made minis of things I love and have thought about adding to my human home. I first made a mini Cedar + Moss for Rejuvenation light and that was received SO well from people! Cedar + Moss posted a picture of it on their Instagram and actually sent me real life (human house size) versions of a different sconce I had been looking at for my bedroom remodel. I have also made a fireplace with tiles from Cement Tile Shop, wall sconces for the master bedroom that are created after Kelly Wearstler, a chandelier based on Justina Blakeney/The Jungalow. I have a few more ideas and some things in the works right now, I am excited to see if I can figure out how to make them!

Thanks Sina, we can't wait to see your progress and what mini projects you have up your sleeve!

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