Bedroom furniture update

It's been forever since I worked on the smaller of my two doll's houses.

This little one was the first house, built by my Dad when I was little, a sweet, 4 room Georgian style house that I've re-decorated more times than I care to count!

It's pretty much empty at the moment ( I have slightly favoured the Blenheim house and nicked most of the furniture out of this one to put in there!) but with the room dimensions being quite small for a 1:12 it can be tricky finding pieces that work sometimes.

So what do you do when you can't find what you want? Well, you try and cobble it together yourself!

I used a simple, bare wood chest of drawers for this little update, painting it blush pink, and it turned out pretty much exactly as I hoped it would.

I went for 'D' shaped drawer handles for a more contemporary feel in a polished silver/ chrome finish. (Though the more I look at them the more I wish they were rose gold but perhaps that's just my inner, insufferable hipster talking! haha)

Anyway, it works! For anybody interested, the bed is a beautiful, handmade, metal frame I've had for about 16 years (not sure of the maker!) , the trestle desk was a broken piece of stock form the website, plants are hand made and the mirror is by Mostly Miniature.

I'll let you into a secret, I've not shown a full length shot because I ran out of drawer handles, will take some more snaps when the bottom drawer is finished!

Excited to finish the other rooms too now we've got the all rolling so watch this space for updates!