Mini Makers: Zzeng Mini

Image by @zzeng_mini

Hi all,

Sorry for the radio silence! A few curve balls behind the scenes to deal with but excited to be back at it and writing up some new blog posts!

Keeping it short and so, super sweet this evening and sharing one of my absolute fave mini makers with you all.


is a miniaturist from South Korea.

I stumbled upon this breathtaking work on instagram a year or two ago and my mind is continuously blown by the skill and sheer level of patience it must take to create these pieces.

Would you look at this light. Just LOOK at it.

(Incidentally, looking is all we mere mortals can do as the artist does not currently make to sell, these beauts are purely for admiration!)

The most recent show stoppers for me, with out a doubt are those pastel and gold chairs.

They look good enough to eat don't they?! (Is that a weird reaction to have for a chair? Either way, they are STUNNING.)

Image by @zzeng_mini

And this table setting is pretty much what my sister has been describing for a real, life, full-sized wedding. Handy way of trying out table settings ahead of the big day, hey?!

Image by @zzeng_mini

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