Shopping: Plant power

Who doesn't love a plant?

The saving grace of many a sad rented room, student halls, and dreary office spaces the world over, they are currently an interior designers best friend and a home styling favourite.  

Of course, this all great news for doll's house lovers too!

Today we celebrate the transformative power of the plant with some fantastic, 1:12 scale Etsy finds. 

Easy on the eye and even easier to keep alive, bring the outside indoors and treat yourself to one of these little beauts. 

Miniatures by Emy - Caladium

I LOVE the colouring and detail that has gone into the tiny leaves of this little plant. Super realistic.Handmade in Sweden. 

MostlyMiniature - Monstera print wallpaper

 Ok, so not strictly speaking a tiny plant but if you really want to commit to a theme I highly recommend investing in this wallpaper by Steph at Mostly Miniature. (The eagle eyed among you may have spotted it in the bathroom of my own Blenheim doll's house, hangs like a dream and looks exactly how I pictured it!)

Produced in Australia.

SmallFunShop - Tropical grass in copper planter

We're ticking two trend boxes here with not just plants but copper too. Don't know about you but I can't get enough of these! Made in the USA.

TinyMinds - Rusty tub of escheverias

This tub is insanely cute. How perfect would it be on your 1:12 scale balcony/ porch/ bathroom, well anywhere really!

Made in the UK.