Fall 2018

Look, I know Halloween was a good week ago now but potions are good all year round so here's some snaps!

Halloween mini's are available all year round at


Also going to gloss over the fact that the blog's been silent for 6 months.

Long story short, I had fallen out of love with all things mini and after briefly considering a doll's house shaped bonfire decided it might be better to just hit pause.

It seems to have done the trick , I'm back working on some fun little houses for Xmas and looking forward to blogging a bit more regularly again. 

In non-doll's house news, I've gone back to Uni.

After nearly not applying at all, I bit the bullet and got a place on MA Arts & Lifestyle Journalism at London College of Communication.

Loving it so far, and I'm definitely a better behaved student at 31 than I was at 18! (No 2am deadline panics yet!) , might share some articles here when I'm feeling a bit braver!

So, back at it.

Looking forward to resuming the doll's house tours, if you have a house you're keen to share, drop me a line, would love to hear from you!

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