Let’s hear it for the blues!


Bottoms up!

Ringing in the january blues

I feel like we’re settling in nicely to 2019 and hope that you are too.

This dark, gloomy time of year is, ironically, always when I feel most invigorated and start new projects. ( Infact it’s pretty much 7 years to the day that I started Four Little Walls, the blog! ) so it was a bit of a treat to grab some playtime with the mini’s today and see what came out of it.

Had a go at styling up our new velvet sofas alongside our beautiful, mahogany wood bar cart.

Pretty much my dream living room if I were to create this in real life, but hey, that’s why we’re all here playing with doll’s houses isn’t it?!

Sofa, rug, bar cart and real glass booze bottles all available at fourlittlewalls.com!

Kat Picot