Now We Are 7


Well, I’m not quite sure where the last 7 years went but there you have it,our little blog, is officially 7 years young!

Many of you will know that the More Little Walls name is a recent evolution. A new platform and new era felt like it deserved a new name.

2019 certainly feels like an exciting new phase for Four Little Walls so far, not least because I’m slightly astounded it’s all still here! It’s been a bumpy ride, personal highlights (and colourful lows!) have included :

  • 6 house moves (yes, in 7 years!) between Brighton, London and Faversham

  • 1 Online store launch : opened its digital doors in June 2012, it has had countless facelifts since then and as I write this I’m awaiting the domain to transfer to our brand new site. Stay tuned!

  • 10. TEN jobs…this was kind of shocking to count up, though, to be fair, the majority of those were temp/ freelance gigs but still. It’s been a ride!

  • 2 . The number of specialist doll’s house mags I’ve written regular columns for. (RIP The Doll’s House Magazine!)

    Two is also the number times I’ve ‘closed down’. Mostly due to moving about, running out of money or needing a break from doll’s houses!

  • 17. That’s how many years ago I got my first ever job as a Saturday girl in our local doll’s house shop. It was the beginning of an enduring love affair with doll’s houses and my life-long obsession with miniatures!

  • 1 TV appearance! A huge highlight and simultaneously one of my worst nightmares realised. I was thrilled to be invited to appear on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas in December 2016, as part of a toy maker feature. Dad and I worked our socks off building a bespoke Georgian style house for the show. It was a ridiculous few weeks. At the time I was living in London working a very demanding office job and fourlittlewalls was barely in existence. I was travelling home to Kent on Friday nights to work on the house literally all weekend, before leaving again for the office on Monday morning. We were still making alterations the morning we were driving the house to Buckinghamshire! It was the best, most exhausting, most Christmassy adventure. You can read more about it here , and also here.

    The episode is probably still kicking around online but I’m not going to find it because watching myself on TV kind of makes me want to peel my skin off!!

  • 9 fairs and markets in Kent, Essex and London. We did 1 fully outdoors on a market stall before learning that miniatures blow away real easily! My fave venue was Spitalfields Market. Undercover, busy, great people watching opportunities (Mum spotted Paul Hollywood off Great British Bake-off) and there was great food everywhere!

  • 5 bespoke house builds. All original FLW and built by my Dad, Simon. Including our super cute half-way house! This was a wall mounted 2 room house. We talk about bringing it back from time to time!

  • 1 HUGE tax fine! Take note: file your self assessments correctly and on time! Ignorance is not an excuse apparently!

    I was very fortunate that an appeal was successful and my fine was refunded in full but it was an important lesson on the difference between running a business and playing at an expensive hobby!

  • 380 The most products I had on the website at one stage. Lost my way a bit there! I’m currently refining the collection to something much smaller and curated, back to the original concept of FLW. We can’t afford to stock EVERYTHING and shouldn’t be trying to compete with the big boys and international sellers on eBay, Amazon and alike.

  • 352 is how many blogposts I published in our old blogspot platform. Kicking things off in 2012 with the 52 week challenge, I blogged a DIY every week for a year. I’ve enjoyed guest blogs and projects from brill mini makers and small biz owners (if you fancy writing something with us please do shout!) Some years in between have been a bit sporadic in terms of blogging (well, as you can see I’ve been pretty busy moving house and changing jobs every five minutes !) and this year I’m working on my Journalism MA so it’s highly likely to go quiet again at busier moments. That said, I’m feeling more inspired and excited about mini’s again than I have in a long time, so looking forward to see where 2019 takes this tiny blog and business of mine!

Of course, the only reason the business and blog are still kicking around is because of the unwavering support of my family. They have given up their weekends to help me run stalls, deliver doll’s houses , pack miniatures at the kitchen table, paint tiny stair bannisters and not least, sacrificed the attic for best part of 7 years in order for me to keep mucking about with miniatures. I’m very lucky.

So, here’s to 2019! I hope you’ve enjoyed my self indulgent trip down memory lane. If you’re curious about anything mentioned feel free to pop me a question or two in the comments! Love a chinwag!

Kat x

Kat Picot