Mini Office Update

office reno.JPG

If you follow the Four Little Walls Instagram you might have seen the sporadic updates on make-over progress for the big, Blenheim house. I’ve promised, to no one in particular, that I’ll have the main decorating finished by the end of 2019. I mean, it’s been 17 years since I first got the thing, it would be good to see it reach something resembling finished !
There’s a lot of painting that needs to happen, skirting boards, tiles, lighting, but it’s ticking along.

This week I’ve given the office a fresh coat of paint and lavished the bookcase with some attention.
There are tonnes of mini books that I’ve spotted on Etsy but the grad student loan doesn’t really stretch to doll’s house supplies, (no matter how essential I consider them to be!) so I hit Pinterest in search of some pretty printables.

office reno side.JPG

I found this incredibly cute set by Delphine Doreau . I love the detail on the spine and back covers and the colours were exactly what I was after.

Additional mini’s and furniture pictured are all from my personal collection. The tiny elephant ornaments belonged to our Grandma, I think they were maybe earrings in a past life. The tiny houses and vase I got from Kensington Doll’s House Festival, years ago. (If I find the original posts will link to the makers!)
The rug is available to buy here.

If anybody has any mini desk recommendations please give me a shout in the comments! I’m not loving the teeny trestle table but if there’s a slightly more grown-up version kicking around I’d love to see!